I remember a distinct period of my life when vacationing abroad for the summer was an annual necessity. For a number of years I looked forward to that particular ritual and it was during this time that I began to truly appreciate all that could be discovered while travelling overseas. I realised that as much as I was seeking fun and adventure, I was just as, if not more, excited about the prospect of being temporarily immersed in another culture[…]

As a Londoner, I am guilty of keeping myself bound to this great city and naively believing that no other place in the country could offer me as much fun, excitement, joy, and opportunity as the Big Smoke. Likewise, in my mind, the term ‘up north’ refers to that mostly unknown land north of north London (jk, but not really). However, as much as I am adamant that London is likely to be the place I’ll always choose to live in if I remain in Britain, I am trying to be more deliberate in exploring different parts of the country and what they have to offer […]

Over the last few months I have been perusing several beauty blogs and watching YouTube videos for any revelatory beauty products that I could potentially use to increase moisture. Thanks to Reddit subs r/AsianBeauty and r/SkinCareAddiction I’ve managed to learn a great deal about building a basic skin care routine and expanding from there based on the particular needs for my skin […]

I stumbled across Ben’s Chili Bowl via a quick Google search which culminated in booking an Uber to take me to the most consistent result of ‘best black owned restaurant in dc’. “This is a famous restaurant”, my Uber driver remarked as he pulled up on U Street. He wasn’t wrong; As you face the entrance of Ben’s Chili Bowl, an imposing sign in big, bold, blue lettering serves as a reminder that the establishment in front of you is a Washington landmark (since 1958 no less!) […]