DC Diaries – a transatlantic beauty haul

Over the last few months I have been perusing several beauty blogs and watching YouTube videos for any revelatory beauty products that I could potentially use to increase moisture. Thanks to Reddit subs r/AsianBeauty and r/SkinCareAddiction I’ve managed to learn a great deal about building a basic skin care routine and expanding from there based on the particular needs for my skin. For the past two years, my skincare regimen has mostly been focused on managing my oily skin and targeting hyperpigmentation. However, in the last few months I have begun to focus more heavily on increasing moisture since I’ve found that some of the harsher products I use on my face can often leave my skin feeling dry. To that end, I decided that an upcoming trip to the US would be the ideal time to purchase some beauty items that are harder to come by on this side of the pond.

Sunday Riley

The first product on my radar was the Sunday Riley Good Genes serum. I’ve heard this product referred to as a Holy Grail item by more internet reviewers than I can count. An initial downside, however, is that it’s a pricey investment so it was important for me to ensure that I liked it enough to justify splurging on that level.

Following some recommendations online, I purchased a few sample sachets on eBay to trial whether this was something I wanted to invest in. After using my seven day supply I concluded that this would indeed make a nice addition to my beauty regime for occasional use during the lead up to special occasions where I want my skin to look that little bit brighter and tighter.

Now, this product is available to purchase in the UK but the formula was recently changed replacing lactic acid with glycolic acid due to new EU regulations. From all accounts, this new formula isn’t as effective as the one containing lactic acid hence my decision to purchase in the US.

In the end, I didn’t purchase the full-sized bottle of Good Genes but instead opted for a reduced sized bottle that came as part of a duo with Luna, another product in the Sunday Riley range. As with the sample sachets, I absolutely love my current Good Genes supply. I usually use a little bit on my face at night after putting on my toner and my face looks refreshed and super glowy the next day. This is definitely a product that I want to keep on steady supply so I’ll have to figure out a way to make that happen.


This is a brand that I hadn’t come across until about a week or so before I embarked on my holiday but am I glad I did! The Pearlessence face mists have achieved something of a must-have cult product status thanks to its appearance on a range of beauty blogs. Their infamy is partly conceived from the fact that the $7 bottles found in Marshall’s and TJ Maxx stores are increasingly hard to come by. A quick Google search reveals that the travel size bottles (which are sold as a trio) are available in TK Maxx (the UK version of the aforementioned store). However, with my trip to the US coming up, I wanted to wait and see if I could get my hands on the elusive Cucumber face mist that had set the blogs alight.

When I finally made it to the US, I was still unable to secure the Cucumber face mist but I did manage to grab the Coconut Rose and Rosewater Vinegar mists at $7.99 each (a bargain!) I also grabbed a trio of travel sized face mists for a total of $5.99. The travel set is handy for popping into a handbag so I can spray my face once it starts feeling a little dry or to help set my foundation. I was initially concerned that the heavy scent of the mists might make my skin break out or otherwise react negatively but so far, so good. Unfortunately, I’m not sure I’ll repurchase these items again since they seem to be quite hard to find now. However, I think I have enough stock for at least a year so I’ll enjoy it while I can!


I was after a particular product from this line but my inability to find it in two separate Sephora stores led me to pick up another two products from the brand. These were the Deep Cleanse face wash and the Water Cream moisturiser.

I wasn’t overly impressed with the face wash. It contains those dreaded microbeads and I didn’t like the feel of them on my face. In all honesty I don’t think this is a bad product but I do feel that my regular face wash is better value for money and leaves my skin feeling nicer than the Tatcha equivalent. So for now at least I’ll be sticking to my DHC cleansing oil and Cerave Foaming Facial Wash.

The Water Cream on the other hand is a great little product. Its texture is very light and as the name suggests, is not oily. This is a godsend for me since I have really oily skin and while putting oil directly on my face seems to be okay, my skin doesn’t really like heavy creams. Saying that though, the little tube of water cream that I bought was so small and I have been using the product so sparingly that I can’t fairly judge how much I love it. Furthermore, at $68 for the full size version, I feel I could find a lower priced alternative that works just as well for my skin.

Mon Amie Vitamin C + Kale Face Serum

Aside from the aforementioned brands, I came across a few other bits and bobs that looked interesting enough to try out.

One of these included Mon Amie Vitamin C + Kale serum which I love love love! Although this is marketed as a serum, it feels more like a luxe face oil to me. I like to apply this at night after using my Drunk Elephant B5 hydrator. It goes on so smoothly and leaves my face wonderfully soft the next morning. This was the most random buy and it’s a shame that I haven’t actually been able to find an online stockist or many details about this brand despite looking for a over a month. Alas, I will enjoy the bottle that I have and keep searching in case I come across a stockist at some point.