Welcome to Daylight Snobbery! “What is this?”, you may ask. Well, it’s a little bit of everything and at the same time nothing in particular. A little while ago I came to the realisation that there are so many things I experience on a nearly daily basis that strike me as worthy to explore further. Whether these be interesting discussions I have with friends and other people I meet, the political climate here in Britain or various other parts of the world, books I read, travel destinations, or simply things I notice while walking about town, I believe there is value in somehow recording these experiences and sharing them with others.

I’ve always found that writing out my thoughts helps to give them some structure and clarity and earlier this year I decided that I would do just that. However, the process of actually bringing this to fruition has been more difficult than I first anticipated.

Nonetheless, I now recognise that there’s a certain vulnerability required in exposing yourself truthfully and authentically. Looking back, this is what has held me back and kept me dilly-dallying in the purgatory of indecision. I once heard from somewhere that anything worth doing is worth doing badly (at least at first and until you can get better). So in the midst of being unsure as to whether or not I should begin to write, I finally decided to simply get writing.

The pages that make up this tiny space on the internet will be filled with topics that I find interesting. I hope that my posts will give you an insight into some of my thoughts (as they are at the time of writing) and that, within these pages, you too will find certain interests that you can share with me and that can expand in discussion.