A haiku about coffee

coffee in phuket

A haiku about coffee

“ I’ve had no coffee

It’s been over a fortnight

My hands are typing ”

This little poem will rank high in the list of worst haikus you’ll ever read but it is written in celebration of the fact that I have been caffeine-free for over two weeks. It is also my roundabout way of paying homage to my year 6 English lessons. But, I digress. I’ve gone through bouts of self-imposed coffee deprivation in the past, (most notably when I gave it up for Lent), but this time it was a combination of not wanting to undo the result of a recent teeth whitening treatment and being more mindful of what I consume on a daily basis that prompted this change.

I don’t think I’m addicted to the coffee itself; I don’t drink it on weekends or when I‘m away from work. But I did feel that I was becoming overly dependent / addicted to the experience of what drinking coffee signified for me. There is something about the habit of coming in to work and having a cup of coffee that really sets the motion going for the rest of my day. It is a comforting feeling, a welcoming feeling and that is will miss most about not drinking coffee. But alas, we move!

P.s. Next time I’ll write a limerick 😉