Over the last few months I have been perusing several beauty blogs and watching YouTube videos for any revelatory beauty products that I could potentially use to increase moisture. Thanks to Reddit subs r/AsianBeauty and r/SkinCareAddiction I’ve managed to learn a great deal about building a basic skin care routine and expanding from there based on the particular needs for my skin […]

I stumbled across Ben’s Chili Bowl via a quick Google search which culminated in booking an Uber to take me to the most consistent result of ‘best black owned restaurant in dc’. “This is a famous restaurant”, my Uber driver remarked as he pulled up on U Street. He wasn’t wrong; As you face the entrance of Ben’s Chili Bowl, an imposing sign in big, bold, blue lettering serves as a reminder that the establishment in front of you is a Washington landmark (since 1958 no less!) […]